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The "OG Killer" Goose Call

The "OG Killer" Goose Call

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  If you like the old deep sounds of a flute call, this call is for you!  This call is the only truly adjustable goose call on the market that can be blown as a flute or a short reed.  When collapsed in original position, the operation of the call is like a flute... using actual words like "too wit" and moving the tip of your tongue around.  When extended to a longer length, a person can blow this call like any other short reed goose call and very little air.  The "OG Killer" is a very unique call and not for everyone... but if you are an old school flute caller or a short reed guy looking for a unique sound, give this call a try!  The Mouth piece is made from our "Real Tuff" rubber material and the insert is constructed of indestructible Delrin material. The guts are a hybrid style designed by Big Sean using a "flute style" long reed on a short reed tone channel.  100% Made in the USA.  Guaranteed for Life!

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