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The Mr BIG "1/2 BLOOD" Goose Call

The Mr BIG "1/2 BLOOD" Goose Call

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This call comes with a standard acrylic mouth piece but the insert is the Next Generation "Real-Tuff" material exclusively offered by BSCC. This combines the best of both worlds and offers the most durable, lifelike sounding, and user friendly call on the market. This call comes standard with our Red, White, and Blue custom guts but for beginner callers you can order it with our Original BIG RIG grey guts for easier operation. For gut selection, if you are a beginner caller or like a very easy blowing call... go with the Grey B.I.G RIG Guts.  But if you're looking for an unbelievable goosey sound and you are a more experienced caller... then for sure go with the RWB Guts. Made 100% in the USA and all hand tuned and finished by Big Sean himself. Guaranteed for Life to never break, crack, or fall apart even in the harshest hunting conditions!

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